Meal plan and gardening

The weather cooled down this week which was a huge relief. We still had one hot day Thursday where it got to 40c but this week we are expecting several thunderstorms and some wet weather which I just love. There is nothing better than laying in bed or sitting on the couch and listening to a storm. 

This weeks meals come from a combination of my new cookbook and Posie Gets Cozy's paprika chicken. This was my first time making it and I even hunted for the perfect serving dish which I got at the local op shop for just $16. It tasted amazing and even Rue came back for seconds. We will definitely be having it again. Really simple and fast too! 

We have a little apple tree outside which Rue has been watching eagerly. The cockatoos have devoured most of it which I'm fine with as we wouldn't eat them all anyway. The ones at the bottom are now big enough to eat and Rue gleeful grabbed his little step and went out to gather a hat full. Sadly I don't think the worms survived the scorching weather lately. I checked a week ago and couldn't find any in there. I'm leaving it for a few weeks until it cools down a little before I restock it. the little vegie patch is doing well. We aren't in water restriction but I'm always conscious of watering after 6pm and making sure I only use as much as they need. I also water the apple tree as it hasn't rained in several months and I would like it to survive if I can help it. 

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