New year, new job

I have several times a year where I just really wonder what im doing with my life. Why am I still in a job that I hate? I never, ever wanted a desk job and yet I got one straight out of school because that's what I was told to do. I've now spent over 10yrs in a government job which has the perks of plenty of paid leave, great job security and flexible working hours. What it doesn't have is any happiness, at all.

I worked out today that I spend $3000 a year on parking alone. Not to mention the nearly one hour commute it takes me to drop my son off at daycare and actually get into the office. I sit at a desk all day and twiddle my thumbs or do jobs that frankly don't need to be done just so that I can take a paycheck home at the end of the week.

I know some friends moved into government jobs and lasted less than a year because of all the paperwork, bureaucracy and office politics. It stinks! I can't even send an email without getting approval and gods help me if I go and get a cup of coffee without telling anyone.

Anytime I find passion in what I'm doing its quickly squashed by management who tell me to just do what im paid to do and stop trying to change things. A workplace should cherish the creativity and ideas of its workforce in order to grow and change.

My main issues keeping me here so far have been:
  • Reliable pay
  • paid holidays
  • flexible hours (for sick kids etc.)
  • great pay
  • can take leave when I want (no task will go undone if I'm not here)
  • job security (its almost impossible to lose your job)
Things I hate about it:
  • No room for independant ideas
  • no creativity
  • must conform to management
  • cubicle offices (over 4000 people in my office)
  • long commute
  • paid parking ($15 a day)
  • no feeling that you are making a difference/ job satisfaction
  • constant change in higher level advice
  • I have to leave the house at 7:30 and don't get home until 6pm
Until now these things have been at a stale mate. I have struggled to find a job that pays the same where I wouldn't lose a lot of the perks. But having thought about it going to a lower paying job may actually save me money. I wouldn't be paying for parking and would save on fuel also.

Being at University at the moment also means that I could find something closer to home which would allow more time for study. My current list of job possibilities with similar salaries to mine are:
  • University (any admin type position)
  • School receptionist or librarian
  • Any Library position
  • Early Childcare (would be a pay cut but heaps more fun)
  • Something to do with design, photography or plants? (all of which I enjoy) 
Sadly most of the jobs that come up for any of these roles are either above my education/experience level or way below my pay bracket. I will keep an eye out over the next few months.

This is my year to get out of the rat race!

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