Planning for 2020

I'm not one who makes resolutions or goes for the new year new me vibe. What I do enjoy is seeing the new year as a chance to start fresh. Many people have leave and most workplaces are quiet while we all awake from our Christmas food comas. This year has been tainted with the smell of bushfires so I find myself staying indoors and planning.

I plan meals and school lunches. Rueben's daycare provided all food so this is the first time I have to prep his lunches. I bought a book on lunches which is mainly photos, my kind of inspiration. I'm hoping that I can show it to him and he can choose some he likes the look of. He is notorious for being picky even though he eats a wide range of foods he often decides he doesn't like something in the hope of getting something better. My plan is to start with the basics and sneak more exotic things in as I go. I need to ensure I set him up for success and have something in there he will eat every day. My hope is that the other children have similar lunches and that encourages him to try his too.

For myself I have a goal for weightloss, as I always do, but I need to find more recipes which are quick easy and that Rue will also eat. It's not an easy combination. In my trip to Kmart to get his school things I also picked up, Healthy family: 6 ingredients or less, cookbook. I'm a big believer that food doesn't have to be complicated. With shows like Masterchief and a multitude of celebrity chiefs it can be easy to forget that easy everyday foods are the core of a great diet.

I decided also that this year I will post my meal plans to give others ideas of how to eat healthy simple meals on a budget.

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