Back to school Unicorn bread

This week I have been busy preparing ideas for school lunches. There are so many on Pinterest that I spent several hours scrolling through and taking down my favourites. I also ordered several lunchbox additions in the form of food sticks and fruit and vegetable cutters which I will share when they arrive. They are both just to make his lunches super cute. Our school has a low waste policy and a healthy food guide. So much of the food I send will need to be package free and home made. Gone are the days of a sandwich and a bag of chips.

In did see some great ideas for simple lunches though that still follow the guidelines. The best of these was unicorn bread which I made my first loaf tonight to make fairy bread with tomorrow. Its so much fun and yet its just bread!

Unicorn bread

500g flour
5g yeast
2 tsp sugar
300ml warm water
1tsp salt

Combine the sugar yeast and water and let sit for 10mins until frothy. Add this to the flour and salt and mix, knead for 10mins until elastic. cover with a damp towel and let it sit in a warm place for 2hrs. Punch it down and divide it into equal parts.

Here's the fun part. Add gel food color to each section. I made 3. Knead the color in then roll it flat. Layer each color pancake with the others with a little water to help them stick together. Roll this into a log and place it in the bread pan for a second rise of about 30mins covered in the damp towel. Place in the oven for 40mins on 200c fan forced.

I had some with a cup of tea this evening and it felt like I was eating cake but it was just a humble loaf of bread. I'm going to make these into fairy bread tomorrow and will use my sandwich cutters to pack school lunches with it.

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