One simple change saves me thousands

I am determined to get my creditcard paid off. I have been pouring over my budget trying to see where I can squeeze a few more $$ out. I found two changes which means I get it paid off a whole month earlier! Just 7.5 payments and I'm done (the half is that I don't need the full pay to do it). 

The first change is this week I'm not doing the grocery shopping. That sounds nuts but really my house is packed with food so I'm bulk cooking and using up what I have. That's a saving of $100 straight away. 

The second is one I really didn't want to do but it is actually a very large saving if I can pull it off. I'm catching a bus...

I hate busses, and people. This is a major change for me. I haven't caught a bus in, maybe 15years? Previously it was because I didn't have enough time between daycare and work to do it. Now that Rue is at school there is a bus that goes from our local shop pretty much to my works door every 10mins. I compared the costs and its a saving of $8.91 a day or $89.10 over the fortnight. Great hey? I don't think I can bus every day though. I still need to do before and after school pickup/dropoff so the days I'm rostered early or late I don't think time will allow. But the 2 days a week I think I can swing it is still a $35 saving. That doesn't sound like much but I will also be saving on petrol to the tune of about $40 a fortnight. So together over the 7 payments I have left that's $525. I bet that sounds better right? 

In a year its a saving of $1,800! I might be able to swing one more day a week also as the roster isn't set in stone. 

Paying the card off also allows me nearly $2000 a month to my savings. Now given this means the budget will be very tight and expenses do pop up. But by changing this one little thing I can make a big difference in just a few months.

Busses hey, never thought I would see the day, wish me luck!

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