Teachers pay Teachers and Etsy success

I've been a big maker every since I was a kid. I just love to create and be crafty. Thanks to technology I can now share this process with others. Sadly I don't have alot of time to create but when I do I list these outbursts on two platforms:

Teachers pay Teachers - is a great site where teachers create resources for the home or classroom and share it for a small fee to save other teachers the time of making it themselves. There is something for everyone from alphabet cards to curriculum, coloring pages, clip art you name it its got a place.

Etsy - I would be very surprised if you haven't heard of etsy. This little gem is a source of many a late night shopping for me and very inspiring. Think of it as Amazon for handmade. Art work, baby clothes, jewellery, woodwork. Such a great place.

You may notice two new buttons on the side of my blog. One is for my Etsy shop, Mothermaple.


The other is for my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.


I am trying to keep both updated with new items through the year but as inevitably happens this usually occurs in bursts. I have some new exciting options being loaded onto both coming up so hit the follow buttons for both or subscribe to my blog for updates on when these are released.

Here are a few of my current listings if you are interested in adding a bit of love and handmade to your homes. Each one is linked to its listing.




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