10 things I learnt being in quarintine with a child

So we aren't actually in quarantine, or rather isolation but Rue is sick with a cold and we have been told to stay home from school and work. Its been 7days now. The issue is any other time we would have been out of the house because he gets sick at this time of year a lot with a persistent cough which we think is allergy and asthma related, I get the same thing often. Its been a challenge but I have learnt how to stay sane and now its not that bad really.

So what have I learnt being confined with a 5yr old?

1. It actually gets easier the longer you are home. Why? We just got used to each other I guess. We are used to crossing paths after school/work and that's about it. But being confined for this long means we worked ourselves into a bit of an understanding. Mummy knows she needs 30mins to herself sometimes and rue understands he gets more if he doesn't throw a tantrum.

2. Take time out. Take just 30mins to get away by yourself. I can actually feel myself relax just laying on my bed for 10mins with Rue in the loungeroom watching TV (we have a small open plan townhouse, only place to get away is our own rooms).

3. Make sure you go outside. We have two small courtyards both aren't any good for playing in as they are rocks and tanbark and no toys but I dragged my gym mat out and we both lay in the sun for 30mins while Rue ran around grabbing toys and set up a picnic for us. I always instantly felt better after getting out there. Not to mention fresh air, a change of scenery and some vit D are all great for sickness.

4. Don't stress the mess. Yes its going to get trashed. That's ok. By day 5 I could ask rue to pick up and he was happy too. At the start he just pulled everything out and left it laying around but now on day7 he is actually playing really well by himself which isn't something he usually does.

5. Get up, dressed and showered every day. Being clean and ready for the day is important even if you aren't leaving the house. It will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.

6. Get those odd jobs done. Don't try and smash out your to do list. Don't make it a chore to be home. But each day if you get a few jobs marked off you will have a sense of accomplishment and the house will start looking great too.
Sewed a jacket for Rue

7. Keep it simple. Don't feel like you need a strict schedule each day and you have to fill every moment. Let the day take you where it will. I found we started eating lunch later and dinner earlier, just because we weren't confined by working it around work hours.

8. Tv is not an enemy. I hear a lot of people saying don't just watch TV all day, well I like the background noise and I found that if I put a gardening show or home reno on then I was actually learning while stuck at home and I got some great ideas for my own garden.

9. Killing germs. If you have a kid there is no way to stop them coughing on you or wiping their noses on everything. But regular hand washing helps. Also I filled a glass spray bottle with disinfectant and water and sprayed common surfaces a few times a day, taps, light switches, handles, the fridge, the couch, the toilet and my desk. Just remember vinegar wont kill the Corona virus, you will need to actually use disinfectant.

10. Move around. If you have been watching tv for an hour or so, get up and go clean the bathroom. Or go and make the beds. Standing up every hour or so reminds you to move around, exercise creates endorphins and makes us feel good.

Really, just use the time to slow down and rest. Its not often we get this much time off, don't see it as being confined to the house, see it as just stepping back and slowing your day down. Maybe teach the kids to knit or how to cook. Read a book out loud, smash a new game on the playstation. You will get annoyed with each other, that's life, but when you recognise that you are fighting over nothing that's time to go do something else. Marie condo your wardrobe!

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