A few points on homeschooling for busy parents

The first and most important part is that:

"Home schooling isn't mainstream school at home"

You have to remember that the reason you are homeschooling (besides the current school closure) is that you want your child to grow in an environment that nurtures their interests and ideas. A lot of people launch into it with worksheets and lesson plans but when you are teaching from the home it can be so much more than that. You only have one or two minds to engage so you can take the classroom to any place you want. Grab a book and find a corner, home economics can be making playdough to make letter shapes with. Science, go outside and work on the car! Teach the kids how a car works, where to put oil, how to change a tyre. Your kids like messy things? Well make a mud tray and have them trace numbers in it or burry coins for them to find and count for maths. 

There is a lot of information out there and I really love reading how others have adapted their homes and time to making learning work for their little ones. Here are a few of my favourate bloggers:

Wild + Free has an Instagram and website that provides so many beautiful resources and inspiration
Growing wild things such a Instagram waldolf style in the alps!

Farmhouse School house has an amazing blog

Farmhouse Schoolhouse
Cloistered Away has a great blog

This is a link to a free resource for the unexpected homeschooler getting started guide
Welcome to our cabin is on instagram

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