Anxiety with a sick child

My son was sent home from school on Friday complaining of feeling sick. He was hot but at 37 not yet high enough to call it a fever. I took him home, stripped his shirt off and gave regular water. He was quiet which is odd for him so I knew he was actually sick. Every 30mins I checked his temp again, he felt red hot to me but the thermometer read 37.8 so still at a safe level (over 38 would need Panadol). That night we slept on the couch because he didn't want to go to bed (it refused to fold out so I slept on the sofa pull out but 30cm lower, it's great for your back, not). Finally after waking up about 10 times I convinced him to get in my bed at about 1am only to have him wake several times to throw up. Thankfully the next morning he was feeling better, although still pale, and ate some cereal. By the end of the day I thought we were home and clear, 24hr bug! But no, today, Sunday he now is completely stuffed up and coughing.

For an explanation on why this is worse, last year around the same time he developed a cough, that lasted 3 months! As a baby he had croup often so a few trips to emergency put me on alert. After 4 trips to the GP the usual steroids and inhalers hadn't stopped the cough. Everyone said I was being paranoid and it wasn't that bad but anyone who heard the cough instantly took a step back, it was clearly not normal. Finally a referral to a paediatrician and we were given Flixotide as a preventer, turns out he has the same thing I do which is that his throat get mucusy and he cant clear it, usually as a result of an allergy which is why it happens at this time of year. He takes the preventer morning and night and a week or so later, cough gone. Thank the gods! Problem is he doesn't always need it. So I have to carefully time when he starts coughing to decide if he needs it or not as it takes about a week to have any affect.

So now, he hasn't had a fever or thrown up in 2yrs . And im sitting here in major anxiety mode, as a single mum no one is here to take the load off, to offer a distraction once he goes to bed or to tell me he will be fine or provide an answer to the 'do we doctor or not' question. I know its likely just a cold, dad and my nephew also had fevers this weekend, must be going around. But as a mum I have to question, could I be doing more? Does he need a doctor? Will going to the doctor make him pick up something else (its happened before). Is it Carona virus! Because of course with these symptoms its a factor, in which case can I even take him to a doctor? Should I call the home doctor and will he be tested, and will we be quarantined for 2 weeks?? Or am I over reacting and he will be fine in 3-4 days of rest. Which also prompts the single parent question of do I send him to school or take time off? I have sick leave but have taken a few days lately and will they think I'm faking it or being paranoid?

Can I cope being shut in a house with him for a week?!?!

So as I sit here typing I'm listening intensely for coughing to see if I need to run and help him. He has vicks on his chest and feet, vaporiser running, nasal spray up his nose and both inhalers have been given. I'm considering going to bed just so that I stop worrying because he is old enough to come get me if he has a problem but my mum brain also wants to go and sleep on the floor next to him incase his airway closes up and he needs to go to emergency. I thought a glass of wine would help, didn't. Feeling weepy and monthly hormones are mostly to blame, great timing. Wondering about the cost of night nurses, is that even a thing? Of course I'm also googling how to treat a cold even though I'm a grown ass adult and know full well how to treat a cold but for kids its just so hard. There are very few medications you can give them, they cant tell you when they think they need to see a doctor. Then  of course he keeps purposely coughing on me and wiping his nose on everything within reach, so if I get sick who will take care of him??

Tomorrow is a public holiday so the work question is put off for one more day, but thinking I might at least ring the doctor to see if we need to test for Corona virus, at least then someone else will be able to tell me what to do, right?

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