Homeschooling - because the government said so

Well, the prime minister (don't ask me his name we change so darn often I lost count) has announced they are closing schools in most of Australia as of Tuesday. Oh gods. A few hours later my work sent me a message advising that we are considered non essential and are being sent to work from home also as of Tuesday.

So as of Tuesday I'm officially a home schooling mum. This might not seem so bad except we also have social distancing and all non essential businesses are closed so no excursions, no coffee shops, no zoo, no play dates!

So I'm trying to think positively and come up with a plan of attack. 5 weeks at the least. 3 weeks until school holidays then one week with his dad and one week back with me when hopefully they will reopen schools.

So I'm thinking of trying to set up a rhythm. Something we can stick too each day that's not too schoolish and taxing on me or him but something that also wears him out and gets us both out of the house and makes time pass.

So far it looks like this:

9am up and breakfast
10am morning walk
Mid morning games and TV
12pm Lunch
Reading and writing practice
2pm Dancing to youtube videos
3pm Snack
5pm Dinner
TV until bedtime

You may think this is a lot of TV but frankly there isn't a lot else we can do, its a small house and we have no outdoor play equipment. He has an educational app 'reading eggs' that I try to get him to play but he found how to access the games early and its hard to get him to play the actual learning parts. As you can also see there are large gaps in the day. No idea how I will fill those. Maybe try and find outdoor activities that don't involve other people...

Any single home schooling mummas or people already on lockdown have some suggestions they would be more than welcome!

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