Incidental exercise

So everyone says I should do more incidental exercise so I made a list of the incidental exercise I do in a day.

7am: Get up, walk to the toilet, then back to my room. Wonder where my work skirt is, walk to the garage to check laundry pile, walk back to the bedroom and check cupboard again while yelling at rue to get dressed. Walk back to garage, back to bedroom for a third check because hell its got to be there somewhere. Walk back to bathroom, its on the floor where I left it last night, give it a spot check, all good for another day. Walk to the kitchen to make lunch, yell at rue to put clothes on, walk back to garage for Rues clothes. Walk back to the kitchen to make lunch. Yell at Rue to get his shoes on, walk back to bedroom, garage and lounge room looking for his shoes. Finally get out the door to the car, walk back inside for socks. Walk back to the car, walk back into the house for his drink bottle.

9am: Made it to work, walked from car park to work building. Get up to make cup of tea, walk back to my desk for the teabag, walk back to realise I left my coffee cup on my desk, walk back to desk to fetch cup. Walk down to the kitchen to fetch milk.

11:30am: Lunch time! Walk around the mall 5 times trying to decide what to eat for lunch. After 30mins decide I'm tired and go back to my desk to eat the lunch I actually packed.

2pm: Repeat Tea cycle.

3pm: Get up to get printing off printer. Back to desk because I forgot to press print. back to copier, back to desk to print color, back to printer, back to desk to print landscape not portrait.

5pm: Home time! Arrive home after wrangling Rue from after school care. Stand in kitchen and perform squats for 30mins while I look for the pot I need in 6 cupboards and the dishwasher, realise its got food in it in the fridge, repeat while looking for second choice pot.

6pm: Bath time. Walk to bathroom to run bath, back to loungroom to inform Rue that its time for a bath. Run back to bathroom to turn off rather full bath. Get up to check on suspiciously quiet Rue three times. Escort rue to his room to find missing underwear, find underwear in underwear draw.

7pm: Escort Rue to bed, go back to lounge, repeat 4 times until mummy roar eventually makes 5yr old realise he does in fact need to stay in bed and that no he isn't thirsty or starving.

8pm: Let the water out of the bath, walk around house collecting clothes and put a load of laundry on. Realise there is another load in there from 2 days ago, throw dirty clothes on top and wash it all again. Attempt to fold mountwashmore, after 10mins realise its too big a job for one day and move to cleaning kitchen and wondering if I have the energy to get onto gym mat to stretch. Realise that getting on the floor leaves room for picking up three bits of rubbish and decide its worth it to go down. Move rubbish around the house 'cleaning' but frankly it looks the same after as it did before just slightly rearranged.

10pm: decide its an acceptable time to go to bed, scoop all forgotten clothes into laundry basket and wonder when the last time I changed the sheets was, decide it can wait another night and collapse into bed.

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