It takes a villiage to raise a child

You have all heard the saying, It takes a village to raise a child, except we got rid of the village. Sadly very true. Although i have my sister and dad close neither are really the helping run a home type. Babysitting, sure. But school runs, cooking and baking, helping with the housework, not so much. I think we have all had the idea of a commune at one time or another. Sometimes they work sometimes not. Multi generational homes? They all rely on the same principle, all living together as one family and helping with general life. Sounds wonderful to me. We all have our own homes but one person does the school run, another bakes bread, another fixes things. Sigh, not having to decide whats for dinner everynight! "Do you want to build a commune"  (to the tune of do you want to build a snowman).

Of course its a pipe dream really. I can see it working on a lower scale though. Maybe buy a farm, build a few houses, far enough away to have privacy but close enough together that the kids can run between them. Big communal kitchen garden, take what you need. Want to pop down the shop, Suzie just run over to Sam's place, there's a good girl. Sounds swell. Or maybe an apartment complex like the kitchenless home above, each room is like an apartment minus the kitchen which we all share, shared garden etc.

There are however some great things in the works already that are based on this, landshare in England and a few places around the globe, have some land not being used? Put it up and someone will come and use it for you, rent free, just for the love of sharing.

"As we look more closely at how we live, our homes will continue to be redefined. Ideas of circular living, community and shared resources are becoming increasingly tied together. Whether enjoying a kitchenless house or simply sharing furniture with friends, conscious living is bringing our attention back to the value of community."

A few more ideas:


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