Staying home during COVID-19

Although alot of schools are still open here in Australia as kids are less susceptible to the virus I know alot of parents are keeping the kids at home. I also know that if you are anything like me than keeping them occupied is the main concern here haha. So I thought I would compile a list of activities not just for the kids but for adults too to get us through the next few weeks.

  • Keep a wellness journal, write daily or draw and paint. Get the kids to start a nature journal and choose a new animal or plant to study each day. 
  • Make a list of things you will do once the virus is gone, this one for me is a big help as it reminds me this is only temporary. Holiday at Christmas? Maybe some renovations? What are your goals for the second half of the year?
  • Get those odd jobs done. Make a list of all the things you never had time to do before. Maybe a mending pile? Can you teach the kids to do the mending? 
  • Learn a new skill. Always wanted to take up knitting? Teach the kids to knit while your at it. 
  • Window painting. I enjoyed this as much as my son did. Just mix a little dish liquid into acrylic paints and you can paint a mural on the window. The dish liquid means it washes off really easily. 

  • Build an obstacle course. We are still aloud outside so why not grab some chairs and make an obstacle course. Hoola hoops, bikes, tables, pillows get creative.
  • Cook. Learn some new recipes and get the kids involved. 
  • Print off some worksheets for the kids. School without realising :)
  • Don't forget to exercise, it helps us stay healthy and creates endorphins. Youtube has some great body moving videos for kids and adults including yoga, boxing, dancing and aerobic. 
               Frozen yoga
               Zumba kids (to move it move it)
              20min yoga flow for adults (or kids)

  •  Skillshare has alot of courses which would amuse me for months! 
       How to start a nature journal
        How to knit 
  • top 10 museums have virtual tours online! how cool is that.  
  • Coloring in. this is great for kids and adults. There are a heap you can print off google and pinterest just search for coloring sheets. 
  • get the kids to make their own game boards then play each others. Snakes and ladders is a great one for the less creative. Or take some chalk outside and draw a hop scotch.
  • Lose some weight. This sounds like an odd one but what better time then when you are shut in the house with no access to takeaway and temptation haha
  • Meal plan for the next few months. You have the time, get on it. 
  • Update the photo albums. I know i usually only get to these about once every 6months and now is prime time. 
  • Research your family history. I recently did mine and every time i log in there are new leads, im back to the 1500s!
  • If you can jump onto etsy or TPT and support an Australian small business. We have been struggling the last year with drought, bushfires and now this. Alot of people are trying to keep their families going with business online. So jump on and download some great resources to keep the kids busy. 
Casey over at Little Lifelong Learners has some amazing resources. 

Have any more ideas or want to share what you have done? send me a comment with your link and ill make a blog post shortly with a link circle. I'll be posting my nature journaling to my instagram page so use @stepping_ _back or #steppingback to show me what you are working on.

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