A month in review - Anzac day Lest We Forget

So its day 34 in lockdown. Thankfully it looks like life will start getting a bit more normal in a few weeks with talk of a lot of restrictions being lifted. I actually saw toiletpaper on the shelves in Woolies on the weekend. That's the first time in nearly two months. I think it will be fun to come back and read these posts in a few years and that one would seem so odd to me!

So what have we been up to? Well we are practicing phonics on a casual basis for Rue. Reading at night and playing what words start with the letter sound. After I realised my own drill wasn't up for the task my dad bought me a new Ryobi one for my birthday. Really excited by it as my old one was great but I've had it for 15yrs and its really just a basic model. The reason I wanted a new one is that I bought some hole cutting attachments to make this little paint jar holder. I had seen them online for about $50-$80 and knew I could make it for less. This one came in at $3 for 9 jars at Kmart and $6 for the timber. I polished and sealed it with a concoction of beeswax and baby (mineral) oil which I had left over from another project but the oil was $3 and the bees wax was about $13 for a small bag. the hole cutters were $20 for a set of 4. So still way under the online price tag and most of it I can use for several more projects.

Basically I cut two lengths of timber to fit 4 jars. Cut the holes in one piece then glued it to the top of the other bit and gave it all a good sand. I chopped the corners off to give it a bit if a fancy finish.

I got a big order of fabric from Spotlight. Some is for projects I already have in mind, a Gambeson for SCA fighting (basically a padded jacket) and the rest I just loved the patterns and it was 40% off. Why do you all think I should make? The real reason I was shopping in the first place is that I needed a new loaf tin to make sandwich bread but I also grabbed a few extras for lockdown projects to keep myself occupied. All up it came too $110 with a saving of $74. There is actually more on the way as it was sent as separate shipments.
Around here we are going for long walks around our neighbourhood. Learning new board games that I loved as a kid and we might even get to do some Anzac bikkies tomorrow as it was Anzac day here in Australia on the weekend the day we remember those who fell in war. Unfortunately due to social distancing they couldn't host the usual gathering at 6am at the War memorial which attracts thousands of people so instead people were asked to stand at the end of their driveways and hold a minutes silence to remember at 6am. People were also asked to get out their Bugles if they had them to play the Last post, a tune traditionally played at the rising of the sun.

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