Home life - water color flash cards and baking

Hello everyone, how are we today? We are traveling very well here. Settling into a groove no idea how I will go back to work after this haha. I am currently working from  home two days a week and using annual leave for the other days as per my works request. I have enough leave until the end of April so hopefully things settle down by then.

We are filling our days with TV, computer games and crafts at the moment. Yes my son is driving me up the wall but that's just life in a small home when you are locked up together. I'm trying to keep things civil but he just has this ability to rub me the wrong way haha mumlife. We may be putting in early bedtimes, don't tell him!

Some crafts we have been doing include murals on the windows. Just mix a little dish liquid into some acrylic paint. I'm using this as a chance to try out some botany lessons on plant life but have sadly lost my chalkboard pen to write with so stay tuned for pictures. I also painted some watercolor flash cards with Australian fauna and flora. Unfortunately the white parts didnt scan so well but I will work on that.
I have been doing alot of baking also, jam doughnuts, fococcia, hommus, really just using what i have on hand to avoid going out. Although I do need some yoghurt and bought a thermometer to make my own but i will need one cup of yoghurt as a starter culture. I'm thinking of borrowing some off my sister. 

 What have you been doing to keep busy?

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