Keeping track of the days - Erin Condren Life Planner

Its no secret that I love my Erin Condren, I didn't get one this year because of the cost but she currently has planners for 50% off! So I jumped on and ordered one as im struggling to keep track of the days being in quarantine. Im super excited to get my package, I got some markers and clips (to attach extra things inside) which were also 50% off. All up I spent $63 including postage and saved $34 ($102 AUD saved $50AUD). Great deal! I got the collage cover as I always do with this years photos of Rue. Even better is that shipping is always super fast even though its coming from America I get it within a week. I will say that shipping is very steep at $38AUD and there is no option for non express post but I  am yet to find a planner that I like better and always end out coming back to it.

The reason is I love the month to view. I haven't found another planner that has that, they are all week or day to view. I don't have enough on to need those and having the month laid out on one page is what I need to see so I can plan ahead.

Use this link to get your planner and check out the other deals Erin Condren referal link

I'll post pictures of mine when it arrives after Easter.

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