Storage ideas for your home and office

This post contains affiliate links (the book links at the bottom) but all opinions are my own. 

With kids currently home schooled here in Australia and me also working from home I have had to make some changes to the way our home is set up. I found some great ideas for storage and making the most of the spaces. I will be ordering these things shortly and will show you the setup once I have it all sorted.

First is this bookshelf from IKEA. Would be great in a kids room to display a few picture books for reading and storing the rest along the bottom shelves.
Next is this IKEA cart for school workbook storage. Im going to use cane baskets to store workbooks, paper and his ipad all in one central place beside our desk. We already have a green one for art supplies in the creative space in the garage.

Kids breakfast and snack station. My son is pritty good at making himself a drink or toast and cereal but having it all out tells him what he can use that day. 

Some of our new and favourite books at the moment.

The House of Lost and Found
 Such amazing pictures! I think I enjoy this one more than my son as it is a little long for his attention span but im hoping when he is older he will appreciate it more.

I Want My Hat Back

A super cute and easy read. Suitable for very young children and heaps of fun for adults to understand the simplicity of the joke. 

Antlered Ship

Again beautiful illustrations (can you spot a theme with my fave books). This one took my son a few goes before he liked it but I was hooked from the start. He enjoys looking at the pictures more. 

Then of course recently the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) announced their short list for 2020. Some great books on there, mostly I think for their topics as I had a look and didn't feel like my son would enjoy any of them sadly. The books for older readers might be more entertaining but I find they tend to be very hard hitting topics rather than amusing and fun books. 

I did get this one from the list as it looked like a good read and I love lighthouses. Just waiting on it to come back into stock!

Hello Lighthouse
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