Cleaning and Feng Shui

I got in a really big cleaning spree late last week. I deep cleaned the bathroom, behind the toilet, the skirting, the walls, picked up everything. When my son got home he said "wow mummy looks great" which is testament to how it looked before haha. Next I tackled the kitchen in much the same way. I often clean out the pantry, fridge and cupboards but this time I tackled bench and floor clutter. I have a lot of things in the corners of the kitchen which just stay there when I vacuum. I also have a tendency to line things up along the windowsill which I cleaned off and it just looks so open and relaxing now.

If you are wondering where I got anything in these pics the answer is usually Kmart! (mats, shower curtain, toy basket, duck board, laundry powder jars.)

Then I decided I was on a roll and the next day tackled my sons room. Its very small so gets messy quickly. Mostly I put his toys back where they belonged in his IKEA draws. I need new labels for them also as I seem to have lost the last set. I bagged up 2 bags of clothes as hand me downs for his cousin and one bag of toys as donate (he found them before I got rid of them and they are still here as a result, whoops). Then I pulled everything out of the wardrobe and with all those clothes gone had the space to make a games shelf and two baskets at the bottom, one for soft toys and one for large cars and trucks. The following day he trashed it again haha but at least its easier to clean now there is less clutter.

My bedroom I tackled two weeks ago which may have been what set off this chain of events. I couldn't sleep and thought it might be the way my room was. I'm a big fan of Feng Shui so googled some images but mostly I know the rules and my room followed none of them.
  • Don't face your bed to the door (coffin position)
  • make sure its not floating, ie. have a headboard or wall behind it
  • no mirrors facing the bed (I have a wall of mirrored wardrobe so this is nearly unavoidable)
  • nothing above the bed or you will feel like it will fall so not get a good deep sleep (iv had things fall before so its a good one to remember)
  • No clutter
  • No pictures of your kids: now this may seem strange but if there are pics of the kids it will remind you o the things you need too do tomorrow thus not getting a good rest 
  • Minimal electronics especially next to or around your head
  • plenty of fresh air
  • symmetry

Basically the idea is to make it nothing you need to think about. Absolutely no TVs or computers and no mirrors if you can help it. I actually want to hang a curtain over the cupboards but its hard in a rental. 

I jumped on Pinterest and made a mood board.

Then make a plan for my design based on what I had and the options of where I could place things.

By moving my bed to the middle of the room it creates space on the other side which creates symmetry and allows me to put another side table there. It also encourages the relationship space in opening my life to having another person share the bed (besides my son). The rug creates a softer look, the one I went with is actually a throw. But its white and blue and textured and looks great. I placed artwork on the wall with the door to prevent it being above the bed. Unfortunately the window allows the neighbours to see directly in my room the I have to keep the blind down most of the day, it also allows the morning light in the edge which shines directly in my face, moving the bed stops this from happening so badly. I used neutral colors which create restfulness. I'm not sure yet what to do about the bedframe. Ultimately I want a new one but I'm not a fan of bed ends or super tall headboards. I don't like any that I have seen so far so for now ill stick with this futon base I got when I moved 2yrs ago. 

And the finished product. I need to get matching bedside tables but I would like vintage as I don't like modern ones (or their pricetag) and I would also love a chair for in here as there is space in the corner for one. 

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