Controlling your weight when under stress

I saw in the news that a lot of people have gained weight while in lockdown. I'm the opposite and have actually lost weight as I am at home and have more control over what and when I eat. For me though I have relied, as I always have on the Weightwatchers program. This isn't a sponsored post at all its just a public service announcement haha. I will include my refer a friend link as then we both get a free month!

Weight watchers has helped me since I was about 18 to lose and maintain my weight. I initially lost 20kg in my early 20s and kept it off for 5 years (until I met my ex and that went down hill, whoops). They update the program every 6months so they are up to date with the most recent medicine and feedback from their test groups. It is a lot different today to when I joined 15years ago. At present they have three programs which means you can choose which one works best for your body and lifestyle.

The WW program

As an overview the program takes into account your age, height, weight and activity levels. Then it assigns you a certain amount of Daily smart points  and a number of Weekly points you can use as you want. Smart points are based on a foods nutritional and health benefits. For example most fruit and veg is 0sp, a slice of bread is 2-3sp and a chicken breast is 0-3sp based on which program you choose.

This means that if you want to eat a snickers for breakfast you can but it will cost you a lot of points so you will need to fill the rest of your day with low or zero point foods. So it is more beneficial to eat low smart point foods that will fill you up and be better for you. Most people use their weekly allowance of bonus points for a night out at a restaurant, a take out meal or an extra glass of wine.

The program gives you an ap where you can track what you each day and gives you a blue dot if you stay within your points allowance for that day indicating you are in your ideal fat burning zone. It is a great balanced program which doesn't cut out or 'ban' any foods. It steers you towards more healthy options by allocating those foods less points.

Green program

This program gives you the most daily smart points but has the least number of 'free or 0sp foods'. So most foods have a smart point value which means it helps you to monitor portion sizes.

Blue program

This program has a lot more free foods but has a medium daily point allowance. So this plan is good for those who are fine with portion control but want more freedom with which foods they eat giving them more zero point options.

Purple program

This program has the least number of daily points but a huge range of free foods (about 300!). So brown grains, potatoes and chicken etc are all zero points. If you are fine with portion control and already enjoy a range of healthy foods like eggs and vegetables then this program is ideal as you do not need to track those foods.

Personally I am on the Green program as I don't eat a lot of eggs or brown grains and I need to control my portion sizes. You can also earn points for exercise which you can choose to use for food or save and just lose weight faster.

My daily food might consist of:

Breakfast: 7sp
50g nutrigrain
1/2 cup skim milk
2 tsp marmalade
2 slices toast
1 slice bread
2 eggs scrambled
1 slice bacon

Lunch: 9sp
Mashed potato (1)
2 rissoles from woolies
1 carrot and peas and corn
1/2 can most canned soups
1 slice bread

Dinner: 8sp
Spaghetti 100g cooked
Bolognaise (100g mince)
Lasagne and salad

Snacks: 8sp
Mug muffin 5sp
10 corn crackers 2sp
1 tbls hommus 1sp
banana 0sp
zero sugar jelly with twofruits 0sp

Total= 32sp which leaves me with 4sp I can roll over to my weeklies if I need them. (you can roll over max 4sp a day)

The plan covers a week then resets on your weigh in day. What I really love is I had crust pizza for dinner last night, 2 slices is 14sp. I made sure my lunch and breakfast were a good point choice so that I had enough and enjoyed myself. A glass of my favourite Moscado is 3sp! Who doesn't love that!

The ap is a super great feature. An online membership costs about $35 a month (but aften has deals for free months or half price) which is super cheap considering some other programs. The ap gives you the ability to track your food and weight, chat with online coaches, search recipes and has a community which works like facebook. We are all super supportive and post pictures and comments about our journeys as well as sharing recipes and advice. You can also elect for the face to face meetings once a week or group online coaching sessions for a slightly higher monthly cost (about $5-$10 extra).

Snack boxes are trending hard at the moment thanks to one of the success stories @jovimum (note here: Anna Van Dyken has an amazing website called Feed me healthy and is a WW ambassador after losing an amazing 70kg!) most of these are just 4-5sp depending on which program you choose.

So don't wait until after lockdown ends, or summer is here. Sign up and start changing habits. I guarantee some things you were eating thinking they were great options will shock you at how they were sabotaging your weight! A big one for me was 1cup full cream milk is 8sp where as 1cup skim milk is only 3sp. Super swap hey?

Refer a friend link by using this link you and I each get a free month, win win!
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