10 lockdown habits I will be keeping

Lock down came as a shock to many. I for one was hit hard as it came at a time when I was already super stressed, starting kindergarten, sickness, work, bushfires with choking smoke and uni all coupled in the start of the year. But now that we are in the swing of it there are several parts that I hope stick around for the long term. History has told us that great change has happened in times of turmoil, fashions and social norms change during wars due to people being displaced and jobs coming and going. I wont go into that here because I could go on for days! But I certainly hope it has opened the doors for permanent change.

1. Home food gardens

The garden shops sold out of seedlings and trees and chicken sales were on pre order for months! People realised that they relied on the big stores to provide for their families and once that security was gone people stood up and realised that roses are pretty but they don't feed a family. I sincerely hope that this sticks around. People keep their backyard vegie patches rather than laying grass and ornamental gardens.

2. Grey is trendy

I stopped dying my hair about 2yrs ago and although I would love to be blonde again I love how healthy my hair is now. Not to mention saving on the cost of dyes and shampoos to keep the 'look'. Less stress and less chemicals, embrace the greys, some people would love to live long enough to get them, we are the lucky ones who get too.

3. Walking rather than going to the gym

Another thing that sold out was bikes and gym equipment. Why on earth would you pay $50 a week to exercise when there is a big wide world to explore or even free videos on youtube. Be brave, say no to the gym.

4. Baking our daily bread

Hands up who started baking bread at home during the lockdown. I already did but there was a flurry of facebook posts looking for sourdough recipes, neighbours splitting starters and proud pictures of risen loaves. Lets embrace the smell of fresh baked bread and get a killer arm workout while we are at it.

5. Working from home

So many parents breathed a sign of relief when the kids went back to school but for me it also signalled a shorter working day and less stress trying to get my son to school then get into the office, paying for parking, petrol and after school care. Now I can work a comfortable 7.5 hrs from home and lose the 1hr commute and save that cash and stress. I know a lot of people say they work better from the office but packing us in like sardines, little space for creativity in your day is not what I call a supportive workplace. If we are given the choice to work from home there are less sick days, less 'sorry the car broke down', and less yelling at the kids to get out the door. Not to mention less office space needed saving on power, building rent and technology needed.

6. Connecting online

A saving grace for me and my friends was one suggestion by me right at the start that we should watch a movie or play an online game via voice chat. This turned into daily and weekly catch ups that saved my sanity and gave me something to look forward too. Not only that but connecting with family became second nature for many to have a video call with loved ones a few times a week. Bringing us all closer when we were apart. Lets keep it going and not reserve connection to a text message once a month.

7. Learning

Being home gave a lot of people the time needed to finally learn that new skill. University went online and youtube produced many new knitters and musicians. More learning should be available online so we can continue with our lives while growing our minds.


8. Cashless economy

So many places now offer card payment. I cant understand why this wasn't the case before, no need to visit an ATM, no need to carry cash, no change, no float to count, less chance for error.

9. Bartering and trading

Several times I got a call that someone needed something and was able to jump in the car and take it to them. My sister even borrowed a cup of sugar from a neighbour, no joke! But also toiletpaper, yeast, flour, electric drills. With the shops closed people came together to share and help each other. We have so much available in our community and if we started sharing we would rely on shops much less.

10. This is Ok.

Finally, the knowledge this this might be hard, it might be scary, but it's ok. We are ok, it will be ok.

Now, if only I could remember what month it is...

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