Getting the budget back on track after over spending


I seem to be missing alot of money lately based on my budget. I haven't been keeping track of spending and have been very slack with my grocery shopping, often going for several top ups because I just felt like something. 

Well I sat down with my banking ap and worked out how much I have spent on food in the last week (payday is this Thursday so since last payday a little over a week). OMG its over $600! It is just so easy to get off track when you dont track your spending closely. This was little $30 top ups here and there are a few times eating takeaway. But it all adds up! This is why I say often on this blog that you have to go into your spending habits often to see where your money is actually going. Its all well and good to have a budget but if you dont track your spending then its just so easy to fall into bad habits. 

Of this spending I worked out $230 was on actual groceries, the rest was takeaway and my food budget is only $100. So I have now put myself on a takeout and grocery ban for this fortnight. I wont set foot in a grocery store or fast food place for two weeks. 

  • I will plan my shop online as I should do and order on Payday.
  • I will meal plan and work out exactly what I need
  • Zero top up shops!
  • I will not eat takeaway and will actually pack my lunch daily. 
  • Zero hot chocolates at the coffee shop
  • No trips to the markets because although its good to support small business it is basically a top up shop because its in addition to my fortnightly shop. 
  • I will go through the food that is already here and ensure im not buying extra.
Its ok to fall off track so long as you recognise where you went wrong and fix it as soon as possible. I cant go back and return the food so instead I will plan to use what I have and learn from this. Pulling in the purse strings and getting my budget back on track.

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