Southern hemesphere Easter decor ideas


 As a kid i didn't put much thought into the whole Easter eggs, chickens, rabbits thing. Now as an adult it makes very little sense for those of us who live in the southern part of this world. My son got rather confused when it didn't snow at Christmas and I'm prepared should he get confused by Easter also. So what is Easter? 

"The exact origins of Easter are unknown, but some sources believe that the word “Easter” is taken from the Teutonic goddess of fertility and spring"

Well originally it was a celebration for the Spring Equinox. Ie, the middle of spring. Which for the Northerners was all new life, babies (hence fertile rabbits, eggs, chicks etc). Folks would decorate their homes with bits of blossom from trees and daffodils etc which at this time of year were just appearing. It was a time for eating in abundance after the hardships of winter. Then the Christians took it over as their way of remembering when Jesus was crucified then resurrected on the cross. But alot of people kept the bunnies and eggs jazz because it all got a bit mushed together. Of course these days we still mush it all together. We have bunnies and we have crosses. We have 'he is risen' with 'Hippity hoppity'. Then it gets doubly mushed when those of us in Autumn try and find flowers to adorn our homes...

This year, not being Christian, or in the northern spring seasons, I am quite happy with the range of decor available and how darn cute it all is in a no-idea-what-we-are-celebrating kind of way. Chocolate? Hibernation? Seems likely. 


Here is another point. Down here in Australia our eggs are made of chocolate. I got so very confused when people were saying the eggs they didn't find went rotten or that they were dying eggs, how do you dye a chocolate egg i ask?! Well it wasn't until I was an adult that i realised that, yep, Americans actually hardboil real eggs and are excited to hide and find these. Ew? Why would you not use chocolate ones?? I have never been a fan of hardboiled eggs, and as a kid would have thought the world had gone mad if i was expected to be excited to find these on Easter. The Australian version for those of us confused by American movies was to punch a small hole in each side of an egg with a pin, blow out the contents into a bowl to use in baking later, then dye whats left. Made little more sense but hey, it got us over the whole Easter crafts thing.  

So yes, happy with the range and style of things coming in. We have masses of fake blooms and little stick trees to hang eggs off. (don't question just do it). I saw something the other day that called todays style as Granny Chic. I kid you not. Apparently todays Millennials which i am kind of one, are skipping our parents design style and going back to our grandparents more sustainable styles. Cloth napkins and tea towels, upcycled furniture, paired with very modern touches. So this seasons Easter style is right up there. Its all white, soft blues and pinks in a kind of farm house country style with lots of vintage rustic touches. Plenty of metal and wood and paper also.Having said that there is alot less paper or plastic decor. It is all designed to last several years. 

This style works great for us southerners becuase that rustic looks lends itself to adding Autum foliage rather than blossoms. It fits well with golds and browns and even black metals and a few cozy tealight candles (LED because we dont want to burn the house down). 

What's your Easter style?

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