Eat your pantry challenge!

I have been watching youtube videos of people shopping on really low budgets and it just reminds me how lazy we have become when it comes to groceries. How often have you done a shop and come home and had no where to store it all because the freezer and pantry are already full? Why do we shop when we already have food? Because we want instant gratification. We want to eat what we feel like at the time because we can. When i write out a meal plan its always amazing how little food is actually needed to feed me and my son for a week. We are just a society of excess! 

So this fortnight im going to try and not go to the shop or get takeaway and just eat what we have. We have plenty of fruit and vegetables, frozen meat and pasta. More than enough to keep us going and eating well at that. I will try and keep you all updated on what we are eating and how long we are going. 

Off the top of my head this weeks meals will be:

Ham sandwiches

banana muffins

Sausages and mash potato

Chicken filo rolls

Chicken nuggets and potato gems

Mushroom fettuccini (vegetarian)

Vegie mac and cheese (great for kids who wont eat greens. Basically make a rue and add cauliflower, zucchini, and broccoli before blending it. Then add your cheeses and pasta.)

Chicken curry, rice and broccoli (Thai red curry paste, peanut butter, coconut cream and brown sugar)

Homemade ham and pine pizzas (maybe pesto and chicken for me)

Zucchini, corn and fetta fritters

Frankly this will leave alot of leftovers too so we can double up on meals.

If you want some inspiration this is a good one for vegans on shopping for a week in the UK on 12pounds (3) £12 VEGAN WEEKLY BUDGET GROCERY SHOP AT ALDI 💰 - YouTube

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