2021 Second lockdown

August 26, 2021

I know that alot of countries and states have been in many lockdowns. But for us here in Canberra, Australia this is our first lockdown since the initial few months of the pandemic. We are really lucky in that sense.  I was talking to my mum today about how this one differs from the rest and I think the main takeaway was that people are just frustrated that we are still doing them in the first place. We are over the idea of locking down suddenly without warning. For us we had one case. Yep, one case and were put into lockdown for 3weeks from 5pm that night (the announcement was made at 11am). The shops were packed and the shelves stripped again. I always have a fully stocked pantry and fridge but I did happen to be at the shop already when the announcement was made and it was a mad house. Thankfully everyone was being very civil about it and only buying one packet of toilet and several bags of lollies. 

We have one week left and are hoping that we get the restrictions lifted then. The added difficulty on my part is two fold, firstly our TV broke on Monday after a powerout and because of lockdown we cant get it replaced until things open up again (its only 2 months old!). So that has been a major stress trying to keep both of us occupied and given we only have 1 computer and I'm working from home full time and Rue is doing homeschool its certainly a juggling act. 

The second major annoyance is that his dad lives across the border and they are also in lockdown. Given his job if he or anyone in his home crosses the border (to pick up Rue for visits) they have to go into isolation for 14days and he can't work at all which means basically no visitations until both states open back up which could be November! Its super stressful for him not seeing his son, for Rue not really understanding why he can't see his dad and for me as an introvert to not have any time alone.  

I understand the reason for these lockdowns but they also only opened it up for under 40yr olds to get vaccinated this month and the waiting list is 2months long. So they haven't given us any way to protect ourselves against this yet keep pressing people with how serious it is if you aren't vaccinated! They are even talking about allowing fully vaccinated people to go out and socialise which is really unfair for us who have been waiting 2years to get the shot but haven't been given access. Its not sustainable to keep locking down and causing people to lose their jobs and businesses not to mention the affect on mental health. I understand that people die of Covid but the governments need to give us a way out, give us access to the vaccines. 

Regardless I try not to complain as comparatively me and my loved ones have sailed through with jobs we can do from home and no family sick. 

I have been trying to keep busy with gardening and organising around the house. I ordered a whole bunch of seeds which I have planted and are germinating on the clothes airier next to the sunniest window. Im trying and failing to eat well and really need to focus on that alot more. I'm prity sure i have gained about 5kg in two weeks. 

Seed raising indoors

So I guess the point of this blog is to remind you all that if you have access, then please get vaccinated so that we can stops this cycle of lockdowns. And if you, like me are stuck at home with children, then god speed my friends haha just take it one day at a time and ease up on the rules, its ok not to get dressed, its ok not to home school for the day, its ok to have cereal for lunch and takeaway for dinner. 

Spring daffodils

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